Do you work with an animal shelter or pet rescue organization? Whisker Walk is the place to SEE and BE SEEN...and raise and keep 100% of the pledges!

A unique and the first of its kind  educational and fundraising event and walk. 
If your group participates in the Whisker Walk - you don't have to worry about permits, waivers, insurance riders and contracts or finding, securing and renting a PET friendly, central location (with NO pet/people limit)…with lots of shade and flat paths/ trails with 50 acres of doggie heaven awaits!

If you've ever done events then you know how much time, money and effort you'll save…and for those groups who can’t logistically, financially do such an event – this is an awesome opportunity for your group.
A walk where your organization promotes the walk / fundraiser as much or little as you wish. Involve your supporters / friends / family – you raise the funds (that YOUR group collects for pledges) and YOUR GROUP keeps 100% of what you raise! 

Participate to raise money and awareness, educate the community about your pets and programs. Meet, greet and network!   The Whisker Walk provides all sorts of FREE family oriented entertainment, demonstrations, shows, performances, booths, auctions, raffles, food, contests and beautiful acres of flat, shady, grass field fields and paths! 

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the non profit/shelter/rescue package