The  Whisker Walk Reviews are in! From participants, vendors, sponsors and visitors...THANK YOU TO ALL WHO make Whisker Walk an amazing success! Whisker Walk brings THOUSANDS of dogs with their owners from all over New England and beyond and a fun time is had by all...

Whisker Walk was beneficial for Sisucare! As we are just starting, recognition is key to success, we got the word out and sold products to put us in the plus after expenses! I have rather huge goals for Sisucare and a "never say die" attitude and will be there in 2017!
Virginia -

My husband Ron and I could not believe that while we were setting up it rained, then it stopped for the event, then while we broke down it rained! Thank you for allowing the opportunity for Angelcat Haven to participate. We raised almost $200 in product sales, donations and raffles for our rescued cats. On behalf of the rescued cats of Angelcat Haven, thank you for all of your hard work. We have no complaints, everything was very well organized. Thanks again, Rose- Angelcat Haven

Squakheag Akita Club raised $4,833 in pledges and $550 on the booth....So, Squakheag Akita Club and Akita Rescue of Western New York want to say thank you! Next year, We'll be there with bells on. People are already talking about next year - I haven't even recovered from this one yet!!!! Anyway I CAN NOT complain about the overall outcome. We set a goal and made it - with a little help from you and your Indian No Rain Dance!!! Thanks Leigh, really you gave us an opportunity we would not have ever been able to realize alone. We appreciate it!

"WOW" is right. I think the rain went away BECAUSE you rode around denying it even existed. Mind over matter. This was my first event ever. And, "WOW!" again. You and Melissa did an extraordinary job organizing. Kudos to you both! I was very pleased, amazed, that so many people turned out despite the unpredictable weather. Honestly, I couldn't get over the varied types of dogs, the mixes were incredible and adorable...I had to keep pushing my mouth closed with my hand...I looked like a cod fish out of water. Particularly because most of the people I spoke to adopted theirs from Sterling Shelter. Hounds to Hooves booth had a steady flow of visitors throughout the day. We weren't selling anyting, and time will tell in regard to how well we did as far as getting our name out there and generating more clients. What was a great success was the networking with other vendors and animal activists. Met a lot of fine folks and am grateful for that. All I can say is thanks for the opportunity to take part in this event. I am planning already for next year! Thanks for your hard work. When I think of how many lives you touch, how many noses have homes because of the collective work of those at the Shelter, my heart overflows with joy.
 With gratitude,
Carole Callahan, Owner - Hounds to Hooves, Etc.
Professional Pet Care Services Licensed. Insured. Accredited!

Thank you for the opportunity for us to come! We had an awesome time and met so many awesome and wonderful people! I'm glad the weather held out! Positve thinking can go a long way! :) Thanks!
P.S. We'd love to come next year...
Cassy - Ghost Hunters Guild Founder

Thank you both on behalf of The Boxer Rescue.  We had a great time and THANK GOD it stopped raining when we needed it too!  You both did an outstanding job!!!!!!!!  The Boxer Rescue crew

Thanks very much for having us I met some very awesome people to collaborate with in the future! I to was/am exhausted with this event and 5 others. No complaints! I raised a total of 350$ and another 100$ from the walk. Thank you very much much for having me/us again! Those Frosty Paws went fast!  I'm sure I'll be there next year! And I like your 'Free' admission certainly does bring everyone together to help all these animals in need!
Melissa Lee Prescott 

What a feat you pulled off! No Rain....havent done that dance since Woodstock! LOL!  I know what it's like to pull something like that together and commend you. Great job. 

We had a wonderful time - and thank you for arranging for the heavy rain to stop just long enough for the event to take place  :-) We were looking forward to the Whisker Walk as a way to meet potential adopters and volunteers for our rescue - and it definately met our expectations and was very successful for us that way.  An unexpected benefit however, was all the networking we were able to do with other rescues and vendors there.  We shared information about transports and quarrantine facilities; and I was able to find a vet and boarding facility offering discounts to rescues!  This is going to make our next year so much easier and more effiicient financially. Thanks so much for all the work you did to put this together.  This was our first year as a rescue and first time at the Whisker Walk.  We're already looking forward to next year and wouldn't miss it!!! Hope you are getting a well-deserved rest!

Ann Lambertus
Northeast Coonhound Rescue

Whisker Walk was a huge success for "Fred Levy Art Photography. From the moment the walk started we got to photograph so many wonderful dogs and meet some great people.  It was nice to see so many different organizations out, representing the needs of different animals. Thank's to everyone who made this day possible and look forward to this again next year. Sincerely, Fred Levy

Beantown Tails Pet Magazine was truly proud to sponsor the Whisker Walk event for the second year in row, and I hope for many more years to come! There was a definite touch of magic in the air at this event, as we all have the same mission to help make a difference in the lives of animals. Thank you Leigh for creating awareness for rescue and adoption throughout the community, and bringing together so many people and their pets on such a beautiful and special day.    
 Cheryl Sullivan - Regional Publisher - Beantown Tails Magazine

It was a great turnout for the Whisker Walk and we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather! Your staff was all so friendly, fun and helpful.  And the pavilion tent was a great idea!  Companion Kneads had a great spot in the tent for massaging the dogs.  And we had great neighbors, too! We saw so many great dogs, all ages, breeds and sizes - and everyone that stopped in for a massage really enjoyed their session.  A few of them didn't want to leave :=}  We met so many great pet owners too.  It's so nice to see the growing number of pet owners that participate in events like these.  Thanks to your organization for pulling this event together and helping to spread the word and educate the public on the animal adoptions, welfare, and protection. Companion Kneads will proudly participate in Whisker Walk!!  We had a great time! Thanks so much - Patty of Companion Kneads Animal Massage.

We at Nutra-9 went participated at Whisker Walk with mixed expectations. We have been to 2 two day pet shows in Conn. and RI in the last year and to be honest I was a little worried about doing just a local town show. My wife (co-owner) on the other hand, thought it was a good idea to participate in your event. We were astounded by the turnout and it more than met our expectations.  This event was phenomenal because we were busier in the 4 hour event than in the 2 days of the large dog shows. The other vendors were great, the set up people and most of all everyone that showed up. It was great to see everyone come out and help a great cause. Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Whisker Walk!  Kelly and Dan McDonough  -  Nutra-9  

The event was a hit! You deserve a pat on the back, I can't imagine how much work you put into this! Our team said the event went well and we got a lot of interest.  Thanks for the feedback and allowing us the opportunity to attend again this year. - Debi at CM DART

Thank you so sincerely for hosting the Whisker Walk.  New England Bully Breed Club is a new organization ( and we raised a lot of awareness.. traffic to our website is the most it's ever been, and we had pages and pages of sign-ups to our news letter!  What a pleasure it was to walk my American Pit Bull Terriers around and not have people give me bad looks or run to the other side of the road!  Thanks so much, and you bet your a** we'll be there next year :) Punish the Deed, Not the Breed - Cassie-Leigh Stock - President NE Bully Breed Club

It was an awesome day, Leigh -- everyone did an amazing job! We were NEVER without people at our booth (I mean, we do have the best dogs and all...) but it was just great. It was also amazing to see how generous people were, even with our donations jar. We were shocked! Sign us up for next year for sure! Heather Hill - New England Basset Hound Rescue

All I can say is that it was YOU who did an amazing job, Leigh!  It makes my head hurt to just think of all the work that went into that. I was amazed at how many dogs (and people) were there. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. The advertising really worked.  Thank you for having us! - Gail - Save Your Ass Donkey Rescue

What a great time we had. The weather was great and we met so many of our Southside SPCA Alumni from Meherrin, VA who were adopted into great homes. To their owners: Thank you for helping us save these discarded puppies from Virginia. Animal Shelter Inc in Sterling-what would we do without you... thank you so much.
-Southside SPCA Gal

This was our first year here and it was a great time. Our Reflective pet items were a big hit. I want to thank everyone who stopped by the booth. We will see everyone next year. Glow Dog

This was our second year at Whisker Walk. It is truly an amazing event for animal lovers and a wonderful way to spend a Sunday with your entire family including your dog(s). Great people, awesome dogs, fantastic vendors and good food. Wendy Drennan - President
Paws Awhile Online Community -

Had a great time this year, everything went great!! Very happy to have been Under the big tent with the vendors, it was amazing dogs everywhere!! We will be there next year, sign us up!! Thanks so much!
Barbara Drury - Owner - Manilow's Doggie Day Care - Leominster MA

I wanted to say thank you so much for having Curly Tail Pug Rescue at Whisker Walk!  Wow what an amazing event!  You did a fantastic job organizing it!!!  Everything was so well organized and planned out - we were very impressed!  Our volunteers had a wonderful time.  Our booth was focused on a special element of our organization called "Curly Kids."  Curly Kids are children who volunteer with us and learn the importance of community service and rescue work.  At Whisker Walk, we were able to expand our Curly Kids outreach. We also met some fantastic special needs children and were able to speak with their caregivers about a new project we are working on to get special needs children involved in rescue and volunteer work.  Meeting these children and teaching them about pugs, pug rescue, and the importance of giving back to the community was a great way to really launch our new and upcoming programs!  We are very pleased to have had this opportunity!  We also had two of our foster pugs at the event and had serious inquiries about adoptions so we look forward to seeing an increase in volume on our website (  Whisker Walk was a perfect opportunity for us to educate people about our group, rescue in general, and to reach out and meet new people and do some important networking.  We are eagerly looking forward to next year's event!  Thank you again. Sincerely, Casey Jaykus Curly Tail Pug Rescue Fund Raising Team

Paradise Pet Spa did EXCELLENT this year.  We thought it was well worth the time & effort.  Although we didn't sell anything (since we are more of a "service" than vendor) we did give out coupons and flyers.  We also gave out over 100 free tropical bandanas for the pooches...which everyone seemed thrilled about.  I will definitely be signing up next year and with a whole year to plan, I'm hoping to save up $$ for a bigger booth, possibly be a sponsor.  Thanks so much for inviting us - I had a blast!! - Jamie - Owner - Paradise Pet Spa Leominster MA